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  • Even though they didn't edit on this wiki, yet, have you ever thought of blocking the admins on the original Soundeffects Wiki on this wiki as revenge for what they've done to you? I kind of feel the same way, but I possibly wouldn't do it.

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  • I am kinda new to this wiki, so I'll introduce myself. My name is Rohan Hordern, a boy with autism. I have been blocked two times on the original SFX Wiki for not following rules. Back in August of 2017, I remember adding a Toy Story 2 Image to the Toy Story 2 Image gallery. And I alter found out I was blo0cked with no reason added. I asked WikiExpertXV why he blocked me, and he said , "Because you didn't follow the image gallery rules." I was confused by this. Why would this SFX Wiki have confusing rules like these?

    On September 9th, 2019, I decided to add Jet Force Gemini to a sound page, and I got a double block by WikiExpertXV and Trent98. I decided not to edit on this wiki again. By the way, I will be happy adding some images to this wiki. :)

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  • You sent me several messages that led me here. I hope I feel more at home than I did elsewhere. How dare they block me for something I didn't do. Seriously, those bastards of admins (such as WikiExpertXV and Trent98) have accused me of being a sockpuppet of some other user. They could have let me off with a warning at the very least. I don't like their attitude. Maybe I'll get some redemption in the future.

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  • What, what should I help you?

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    • Create lots of articles based on TV Shows, Video Games, Anime, Cartoon Series, Movies and especially the sound effects used in them. 

      Just ask Noah888 on what to do. 

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  • Hello all admins


    First of all it's so nice that there's a new Sound Effects Wiki in addition to the original one founded by WikiExpertXV.

    I got blocked from there twice for not following the rules about the images. I will admit some of it, well much of it, was my fault. First of all I should have read the rules in the first place to add images to both the sound page and the page of the cartoon the sound was made. And I have to be honest, those rules were too rigid and I don't agree with all of them, if I was the admin over there I would not have required that.

    I mean when I first joined there everything was alright. I was wanting help finding two sound effects that I couldn't seem to find anywhere. I was trying to find a certain train horn, the one used in the Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs episode "Choo Choo," also used in the show "The Choo Choo Bob Show," but with a lower pitch horn, or whistle rather.

    I was also trying to find a railroad crossing bell sound effect that was used in the Fairly Odd Parents episode "Odd Squad," the first episode of the new Danger Mouse series from 2015 (it's used at the London Tower Bridge) and at least three of the Busytown Mysteries episodes "Lost Parrot," "Little Orphan Egg," and "Where's the Hero?"

    These are the pages on SFX Wiki to those sound effects:

    -Train Whistle page,_Train_Whistle. and

    -Railroad Crossing Page,_Railroad_Crossing_Bells.

    Those were sound effects I really wanted to know and find but unfortunately no one could help me. I also tried emailing sound effects websites but got little to no help with them. And I even tried emailing HollywoodEdge and Sound Ideas, well at least one of them, and I did look on those sites too and still found nothing, zero, budkist, zilch! It was frustrating! I did find other train and railroad crossing sound effects though!

    I did contribute pictures to the other SFX wiki website and at first things were no big deal. But when I contributed pictures in October 2017, WikiExpertXV finally decided to come out and confront me to "follow the rules or else," which I admit I didn't and should have read. I didn't see his message until it was too late because I was busy editing. He was telling me to add images to both the sound page and the cartoon page. You can see the first message he left me on this link Again I didn't see the message when it first came out nor could I but by the time I could I was already blocked and that hurt like someone punching me in the stomach or stabbing me, I almost cried too!

    I then went on another wiki that he participates in and apologized to him only to be told by the admin of that site to direct my comments on Wiki Community Central I had to apologize to that admin too, it was like I couldn't win! And I was already in a bad place!

    Anyway I did apologize to WikiExpertXV and explained what happened. I even said "I'll serve my block," not expecting him to lift the block, which unbeknownst to me he did!  Only I didn't know that until a month after. You can read my apology to WikiExpertXV here And after my block was over I decided to try to read and follow the rules and had every intetntion of doing so. But when I added images to another sound page, I couldn't find the cartoon page, this time King of the Hill. Then I asked WikiExpertXV for help but did he help me? No. He said this to me:

    "Too bad, you didn't follow the rules when adding the train sound shots from King of the Hill on its SFX page. So you are blocked again.

    If you can't get use to this, then I suggest to leave. I can't handle with those that don't know what they are doing on here."

    You can see that right here

    After that, I got super angry and tried to tell him off with this message, even going as far as telling him I hoped he got fired from being an admin!, but I forgot to add the XV part of his name so he didn't even get it! Even if he did get that message, it'd have made no difference if he blocked me forever or not because that was pretty much the last straw and I had it up to here with him! He became dead to me! He was just such a jerk to me and he really hurt me too!

    And after that I started a thread against him on Wiki Community Central complaining against him and never wanted to contribute to that site again, in fact he had scared me out of editing on SFX Fandom ever again and although this was a long time ago and I do want to be forgiving (Please DO NOT encourage me not to!) even still to this day I don't trust him and I am scared of him! And I admittedly accused him of being disrespectful to autistic people, which is what I am (PLEASE DON'T HATE ME BECAUSE I'M AUSTISTIC!) I don't really know how he feels about autistic people so please don't quote me on anything I said to him about that!

    And I admit I did leave some inappropriate messages out of anger, like the one saying "WHATEVER!" Then I felt bad and wrote this message admitting my last message was inappropriate and annoucing my "permanent" departure from SFX Wiki

    I also decided it was best to quit Wiki in general and I almost quit Wiki permanently. It was because of my altercation, or attempted altercation with WikiExpertIV and me losing my temper. And I felt if I could I could go off on WikiExpertIV, I could go off on someone else, and I didn't want that! I was gone from Wikia for almost a year but did decide to come back in November 2018 so I'm editing again.

    Well I did come back but with two sock-puppet accounts: Informer4250 and AnnoyedByWillArthurBuster5050. This is one of the messages I posted through Informer4250 I made those accounts pretending to be somebody else and attacked myself to get a reaction from others, which was extremily stupid of me to do and very inexcusable, so I've messed up big on Wikia too and I'm trying not to do that again. I'm not using those accounts anymore and I even reported them to Community Central while reporting another user who posted a porn link on a kid's cartoon wiki, and that link I think almost messed up my computer! I felt it would be hypocritical if I reported what someone else did but not what I did, and I expected consequences for it. The only consequence I got was one of my Sock-Puppet accounts being globally banned and having the messages of them removed, except here I also made those sock-puppet accounts because I have real online enemies and some have complained about me on Tumblur, Kiwi Farms, and Slums of Elwood! I mean sometimes I can be my own worst enemy and I've bullied and hurt myself before and can be very hard on myself, but I've been bullied, hounded, hassled and other things by other people and almost always felt like I had to live up to other people's standards and not mine, which we should do but it didn't make me all that happy with my life! But ignore Informer4250, that was just me pretending to be someone who was my enemy and trying to get a reaction from some people. Same with AnnoyedByWillArthurBuster5050, that was just me too!

    Bottom line is, I cannot edit on SFX Wiki anymore, no matter what I have to give/offer there. I'm not banned from there anymore and am surprised I'm not but I cannot go back there again! I'm surprised I'm not black-listed on that wiki after all I'd done! And I'm glad this new SFX wiki exists. I'm thinking of joining this one. I would have made a Sound Effects Wiki myself but I didn't have the interest and I don't have the time, energy, motivation, or commitment to do so.

    I also learned I was not the only one having problems with WikiExpertIV, others did too, including at least one of you! So you have my empathy!

    Of course, I'm not here to encourage a confrontation or a war with WikiExpertXV, na-na-na! I don't approve of violence or revenge, I just came to talk about my personal experience with SFX Fandom. And besides, at least General Maho and Railwayseries2 were still good to me! They were the nicest to me and I'd still keep in contact with them.

    Please try to know and understand that there's more to me than what I shared on this message board but that's a conversation for later.

    Thanks for reading and sorry this was so long, I tend to write long messages but I want people to understand what's going on with me.

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    • I know how ya feel, dude. 

      I got blocked due to spat with Willie, and because of an image gallery dispute. 

      And I have Autism as well. :)

      But I'm glad Noah made this backup wiki, The SFX Resource. :)

      Would you like to help us out on this wiki? :)

      We could make you an admin. :)

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    • I'd love to help!

      Not so sure about the admin thing though.

      Should tell you I specialize more in trains and railroad crossings than anything else so that's where my main focus will be.

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    • Good news: 

      Some of the Looney Tunes Cartoons does have Train Sounds involved. 

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  • Hi Looneytunerian, how are you?

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the SFX Resource Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Request to be Admin!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here.

    For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at SFX Resource Wiki!

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