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Hello and welcome to the The Sound Effects Resource Wiki!

A better resource than the other wiki, the SFX Wiki, where its corrupt admins ban you for making the slightest mistake.

This new and improved wiki is the place to look up and discover all the sound effects and sound effect libraries used in movies, TV shows, commercials, video games, anime, etc.

If you're having trouble on finding a certain sound effect in a scene you are posting in the Image Galleries, either write in the description "What ___ sound is this?" or make a blog of it, and admins will help you.


Before you start, it would be a good idea to look at:

The SFX Resource Instructional Article

You'll learn how to add images, provide audio samples, add categories and other informative stuff that will help you to help us make this wiki.


Film - Movies/Film Pages + Any Subgenres

Television - TV Pages + Any Subgenres

Anime - Anime Series Pages + Any Subgenres

Shorts - Theatrical Shorts + Any Subgenres

Video Games - Video Game Pages

Sound Effects - Sound Effect Pages

Audio Samples - Audio Samples Pages (Use only for Sound Effect Articles, Episodes of Anime Series, TV Shows, TV Cartoons, Theatrical Shorts, Video Games and Movies)

Image Gallery - Image Galleries

List of... - Pages with Lists of Episodes from a TV Show, Cartoon, Anime, etc. Shorts from a Theatrical Series, SFX Libraries

Rules of the SFX Resource

Before helping out, it is best to know:

The Rules of the SFX Resource

Make sure you read them as they will be new and improved than the ones from the SFX Wiki, which are harsh and unreasonable.

Discord Server

We got a Discord server if you'd like to join or help out on this wiki.

Click here to enter.

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The Blacklist of Infamy

These users are in big trouble for their offenses.

WikiExpertXV (William "Willie" Okendo): Founder of the Original SFX Wiki. Reason for Blacklisting: For being a terrible admin running a wiki with bad rules. Tends to have meltdowns even over the littlest, simplest mistakes with any user that would dare to break his rules, even the Image Gallery-related rules.

Trent98 (Trent Jordan): Admin. Reason for Blacklisting: For following the bad rules that were made by WikiExpertXV on the SFX Wiki. Is a sadistic person who enjoys to make people feel horrible for the slightest mistake they made by not reading WikiExpertXV's baffling rules.

WhitneyGoLucky: Admin. Reason for Blacklisting: For following the bad rules that were made by WikiExpertXV on the SFX Wiki. While not as harsh as WikiExpertXV or Trent98, she still sent death threats to Kristopher Taylor and other sound editors.

Santiago Reveco Lepe: Admin. Reason for Blacklisting: For following the bad rules that were made by WikiExpertXV on the SFX Wiki. (Needs more info)

Ragnarok6354: For blocking someone who was only trying to find more users to join.

Note: If you want your name off of the blacklist, all you have to do is write an apology blog.

The Comment Wall Of Shame

The following comments were made in the main SFX wiki blacklist and should serve as proof of their unprofessional and corrupt nature.

"If he EVER comes back to this wiki again, we will have to haul in the heavy artillery, and we strongly mean it!"

"We hope he will get arrested and rot in jail!"


"That's right! Bon voyage, users! And don't come back!"

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