SFX Resource Wiki

These are the Rules of the SFX Resource.

You must follow them in order maintain peace on this place.

You'll note that most of these rules are the same from the original SFX Wiki .

But some of them have been changed to be a bit more reasonable. 

But you must read all of them and understand them. 

Chatrooms are available either here on the SFX Resource, or over in the Discord Server:  


The Rules of the SFX Resource 

  1. Editing pages requires login.
  2. No irrelevant info or spoilers.
  3. Please do not rename pages that don't require it.
  4. Remember to add categories to pages.
  5. Categories for pages that already exist will be handled by staff.
  6. Though we would love to, quotes and lines by actors aren't permitted. However, video game dialogue does not fall under this category and is therefore permissible. They must come from any of the following: Console Games, Computer Games and Mobile Games.
  7. Fake titles should be reserved for chatting. There you can discuss them all you want.
  8. Adult content isn't allowed.
  9. We can't accept jingles and fanfares, as they are music.
  10. information links and media must be added to sound effect and media pages.
  11. External links must be put in their appropriate page.
  12. Make sure the photo you're trying to upload doesn't already exist.
  13. Posters & non-screenshots need to be posted at the top of the page.
  14. Thumbnails of images and OGG files must be visible.
  15. Please try to keep comments on where you heard sounds in the chat room so that staff can look into the info you provided.
  16. Remember to add sounds to the correct page.
  17. Upload either still images or GIFs.
  18. You may also link from audio sources such as AudioMicro.
  19. Use the chat to complain about sound effects.

Guidelines For Moderators & Staff

One of the last things we want is for users to get uptight about things such as unfair ban/bans without reason/one-sided punishments/etc. All staff must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Solid proof of who is the guilty party MUST be obtained before judgement can be passed.
  2. Listen to both sides in order to give proper justice.

Redeeming Yourself